empyreal • \em-pye-REE-ul\: of or relating to the heavens
In ancient days, there existed a realm beyond human understanding, a realm of dark and mysterious entities known as the Empyreals.
Empyreals is a collective based on Solana Comprising of 3 factions: Ancients, Explorers and Spectres. Through the medium of Empyreals, we aim to bring together the best of the art world and the Web3 ecosystem, by creating a token-gated system that rewards holders with exclusive access to the works of highly skilled innovators in the field, captivating experiences, monthly rewards, mystery events, and collaborations for its holders. The goal is to push the boundaries of imagination, creating excitement, mystery, and anticipation for our community. Ancients: Handpicked members from top-notch communities in the web3 space Explorers: Invitees from handpicked communities Spectres: Obtainable by public Ancients will be spread into 50 completely animated 1/1 pieces drawn by some of the known artists in the jpeg space Explorers will comprise of 100 unique 1/1 pieces to represent the degen circle Spectres will constitute of 4,500 uniquely crafted pieces with over 100 base characters and more than 500 unique traits
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